Visa and Permit of Stay (Permesso di soggiorno)

If you are an EU citizen you won’t need to apply for a Visa or a Permit of Stay. However, you will have to register with your local Anagrafe (Registry Office).

Non-EU citizens coming to Milan for a period longer than 3 months need a Visa before entering the country, obtained at the Italian Embassy of the country of origin. The Permit of Stay will be consequently released by the competent Immigration Office once arrived at destination in Italy.

According to four main categories foreign citizens can apply for different permits (most of the permits has an initial validity of 365 days and can be renewed accordingly):

  • Professionals/managers (working categories)
  • Students
  • Investors/artists/researchers and other fast-track cases
  • Family reunification

Professionals (work permit)

If you are a non-EU national and you are in the process of obtaining a “working VISA” related to a contract – meaning that your employers had processed your VISA request at the Prefettura (Prefecture) before your arrival - once in Milan, you have 8 days to collect all the forms and documents listed in the “Permit of Stay Kit” that you will find at the Poste Italiane (the Italian postal service), including:

  • Copy of a valid passport with a valid visa;
  • Two passport size photographs;
  • Receipts of payment obtained at the Postal Office
  • Proper documents related to the job position and accommodation

Once the kit is filled the Post Office will provide the candidate with the receipt of payment for the permit embedded with a barcode and a date for your appointment at the local immigration office (Ufficio Immigrazione). This appointment will take place approximately in 2 to 3 weeks after mailing the application. At the local immigration office, the candidate will be asked to bring with him the originals of the kit listed documentation.

On the date of the appointment, your fingerprints are taken and you are able to complete the registration for the Permit of Stay. Normally, it takes less than 20 days to receive the official copy of the Permit of Stay. The permit has a variable cost of approximately 110 € (for students approximately 70 €).