4 Practical Steps to Move to Milano

As a local in Milano, there is a number of procedures that you will need to take care of which will consent you a smooth kick-off for your life here. Some of these, such as registration and setting up health insurance, are required of everyone, others will depend on your nationality and activities.

If you are intended to stay in Milan/Italy longer than 3 months, you should take care of the following procedures:


Study in Milan

Depending on nationality, international students in Milano might need a permit to come to Italy and live and study here. 

All the information you need for immigration procedures and live the city should also be provided by your University before the arrival, but for a detailed description of requirements and procedures please download the booklet.

You can also visit www.studyinmilan.net


Looking for more information on how to make the most of your life in Milan? Please visit the Move to Milano website